9 Law Blogs to Keep Paralegals in the Know

Although newspapers still exist, the best place to find news these days is online. Lucky for you as a paralegal, it has never been easier to stay on top of current events in your field because almost all news and information can be accessed by you through your phone or computer. However, that can also lead to information overload, as you sift through the different sources and try to determine which ones will give you the most (and most relevant) information in the shortest amount of time—because it is something all paralegals lack.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of nine legal blogs. The first five are award-winning blogs in specific categories. The next two are blogs listing blogs, in case you’re still searching for the most relevant content for you. And the last two are paralegal blogs that can help you to become a better paralegal or help others to do so…

Blog 1: The securities blog at Legal & Compliance LLC

If your law firm is involved in securities, corporate or business transactions, this is a blog to watch. Attorney Laura Anthony stays on top of a plethora of legal issues, including the actions of the SEC and even the bills being considered by Congress. Her blog has been recognized by ABA Journal’s 10th Annual Blawg 100.

Blog 2: Internet law at GigaLaw Blog

The GigaLaw Blog covers Internet law, covering issues such as domain name disputes, trademarks and copyrights. Written by Doug Isenberg, the GigaLaw Blog won 1st place Legal Tech, 2016 best legal blog, and is an ABA Journal 100 Blawg nominee.

Blog 3: Innovation at Bits, Bots & Biomarkers

The Bits, Bots & Biomarkers blog is the Blawg of the Center for Law, Science & Innovation at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. This blog is written by more than one author and covers cutting-edge topics ranging from nanotechnology issues to movie reviews. The blog won second place in 2016 in the Education and Law School Blogs category.

Blog 4: Global justice issues and international criminal law

A CONTRARIO is a think tank devoted to global justice issues. Written by a variety of international authors, the A CONTRARIO blog covers international social justice issues ranging from human trafficking to environmental abuses.

Blog 5: Workplace privacy, data management and security

The Workplace Privacy, Data Management and Security Report will help you stay current with legal developments in these, which will only become more critical as our digital age increasingly puts privacy, data security, and businesses at risk. In 2016, this blog was awarded 2nd place by Best Legal Blogs and 1st place in the AmLaw blog category.

Blog 6: An exhaustive list of 100 legal blogs

If you’re in a specialized area of the law, or you don’t see anything relevant among the award-winning blogs mentioned above, head on over to the ABA Journal’s list of 100 legal blogs. There you’ll find blogs on a wide range of legal topics and categories, including asbestos, art, family law, retail law and tax law.

Blog 7: Award-winning legal blogs

At the Expert Institute, you can find another comprehensive listing of legal blogs, in categories including:

  • Litigation
  • Criminal law
  • Medical malpractice
  • Personal injury
  • Ethics
  • Labor and employment
  • Technology law
  • Legal news

Blog 8: A blog for paralegals

Not all your reading should be on current legal issues and events. Sometimes you need to brush up on your paralegal skills too. For that, we recommend two blogs. The first is the Paralegal Journal Blog, offered by Paralegal Bootcamp. This blog focuses on helping you do a better job as a paralegal, offering articles, tips and guides. It’s especially useful for those new to the industry, and those just getting started and looking for their first paralegal job.

Blog 9: The Paralegal Society

The Paralegal Society is a place for paralegals to learn and discuss, from those new to the paralegal field and those with years of experience. The blog offers articles, career tips, and a forum for asking questions of other paralegals, as well as getting some much-needed guidance and mentorship.

Are there any law or paralegal blogs not listed above that you think we missed? Let us know! What are some of your favorite blogs to read and learn from?