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The TRX Advantage

Cloud Solutions For Judicial Systems

Discover TheRecordXchanges’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions, revolutionizing court record management. Seamlessly integrate recordings, automate transcription, and streamline request management for enhanced efficiency and accessibility in judicial operations.


Transport & Transcode

TheRecordXchange seamlessly migrates both on-premises and remote court recordings to cloud storage, facilitating cost-effective and secure long-term archival. Our solution helps courts achieve their goals for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security. The solution converts recordings from all recording vendors including FTR, Liberty, JAVS, CourtSmart, VIQ and all conference recording vendors including Webex and Zoom.


Search and Retrieve

TheRecordXchange automatically transcribes (ASR) all audio/video to create a synchronized text version of the record. Utilizing advanced AI technology, we analyse both recordings and text, ensuring a seamless and precise search and playback experience for our users.


Efficient Public Request Management

TheRecordXchange provides a robust request management solution that allows court staff and court reporters to handle audio and transcript requests from external clients. Our solution manages requests from submission through payment collection to delivery, ensuring a seamless end-to-end process for all stakeholders.

Safe & Secure

Tailored To
Your Needs

Streamline your public request process with TRX's robust e-commerce feature. Collect deposits, final payments, and process refunds seamlessly. Accept various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, cash, and checks.

• Secure Transactions

• Simplified Payment Processing

• Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

• Improved Financial Management

Efficiently manage transcript and audio requests with TRX's automated routing feature. Requests are intelligently directed to Court reporters, court staff or vendors based on case type, judge, or other criteria unlocking transcript production bandwidth.

• Streamlined Workflow

• Faster Response Times

• Improved Task Allocation

• Accurate Request Handling

Provide your Judicial Officers and court staff with highly accessible, multi-channel streaming recording, securely via the browser.  Indexed text provides dynamic search via key words, case names and case number, providing instant access to the court record.

• Instant access for Judges

• Dynamic search via the browser

• Multi-Channel Player- Private note taking

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