Indiana Appeal Transcription Template Download


Finding any free time to produce, manage and fulfill your transcript orders can feel impossible with all the work you already have. That’s why we’ve developed a ready-to-use template to help you save time and complete your transcripts faster and more easily.

Download our Indiana Appeal Court Template package, and you’ll get:

  • A Word template designed for the Indiana courts
  • A Word template to streamline your Table of Contents for each transcription
  • A Macro cheat sheet to insert special characters and phrases faster

You could cut your transcript time by 30% when you use our Indiana transcript template and Macro cheat sheet.  Save hundreds of keystrokes, have fewer formatting worries, and be more productive on all of your appeal transcripts.

Download our Indiana Appeal Court Template package and start working more efficiently so you can spend more time doing the work that matters.



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Looking for the NON-Appeal template? It’s available HERE