Marion County Circuit and Superior Courts Partner with TheRecordXchange

September 26, 2017

Link to Press Release

Beginning October 1, 2017, Marion Circuit and Superior Courts will require all transcript orders to be placed on its web-based transcript ordering and production management platform, TheRecordXchange.

The service allows private attorneys, members of the public and government entities, including the prosecutor and public defender, to manage the transcript ordering process through a secure, cloud-based web portal.

Official court reporters in Marion County have used TheRecordXchange for the past year to produce appellate transcripts for the Marion County Public Defender agency, and court staff notes that this expansion of the use of the site will provide better service to the legal community and better support of official court reporters.

Beginning on October 1, 2017 orders for all transcripts can be placed on TheRecordXchange at this link

The ordering party simply chooses a judge using the search tool and then completes a simple online form including the needed hearing/trial dates. As part of the ordering process, the user creates a secure account. An email notification is automatically sent to the official court reporter(s) who then review the request, claim the order and provide the customer with an estimate of cost for the requested turnaround time.

Payments can be made online via credit card and transcripts can be delivered securely through the site when complete.  TheRecordXchange provides an online support tool to allow users to ask question and obtain support if needed.

Need Assistance?

  1. Email
  2. Call (800) 406-1290, extension 102
  3. Select the “intercom” button at the bottom right of all website screens on TheRecordXchange website and entering in to a chat with someone from TheRecordXchange office.