Paralegal News: Big Law Mistakes & the Trailblazers

Every month, every week, even every day new content surfaces with helpful tips and tricks to support growth in your paralegal career. You’re busy taking care of the demanding tasks of organizing a case, chasing down transcripts, and scheduling important events to ensure the outcome your client deserves.  Finding the time in your busy day to stay current on news and legal insights is daunting.

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So, we’re here to help you. Every month, we’ll compile some of our favorite articles to help guide you to be a better, more informed paralegal.

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The Trailblazers: Advice, Insight and Wisdom From Women Leaders in Corporate Legal Tech

From in-house counsel to information governance specialists and legal executives, women corporate legal professionals are directing and leading efforts at some of the largest and most impactful technology companies around the country. But far too often, these professionals are the exception rather than the norm. The corporate legal tech sector, after all, remains largely underrepresented by women practitioners.

Why does anybody own CRISPR? An argument against academic IP

Intellectual property in academia is a drain on the system. It’s a model that was ushered in decades ago with an aim to encourage innovation. Instead, it stifles the academic process with licensing costs and intellectual secrecy. The incentives it creates, Eisen argued, run counter to the pursuit of knowledge.

Soft Demand Drags Pa. Law Firms Back Down to Earth

Big law firms based in Pennsylvania faced a reality check in 2016, as weak demand for legal services took its toll. That marks a change from 2015, when a half-dozen Pennsylvania-based Am Law 200 firms beat analysts’ predictions of mid-single-digit growth, and two others came close. The first financial reports of 2016 have shown much less rosy results, at least on average. And while law firm leaders say there’s no undue cause for alarm, they’re acknowledging a struggle with tightness in demand.

The American Immigrant Representation Project with the Honorable Shira Scheindlin

While the Trump administration has brought about a significant number of changes, perhaps the most notable are the policies regarding immigration. In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay talks to former United States District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin about the American Immigrant Representation Project (AIRP). This non-profit organization was created by a group, including Scheindlin, in order to allow those facing deportation access to counsel. In their discussion, they talk about the driving reasons that motivated this project and how listeners, especially young lawyers, can help.

The 15 Biggest Mistakes TBD Law Attendees Have Made (and What They Learned)

At the beginning of TBD2, the second edition of TBD Law, lawyers were asked to talk about their biggest mistake and what they learned from it. Sharing those mistakes and lessons with others helps ensure that they don’t make the same mistake too.

6 Tips for Lawyers On Maintaining A Positive Outlook

Whether you’re Biglaw or SmallLaw or government law or stay-at-home-parent law, there are a few things that are important to pay attention to every day. Maintaining a positive outlook is every bit as important as the other two items, with the possible exception of throwing away your 3.5” ties, and yet there is far too much negativity in law firms (and government law, though I can’t speak to stay-at-home-parent law).