Paralegal News: Law Firm Culture & New Paradigms

Every month, every week, even every day new content surfaces with helpful tips and tricks to support growth in your paralegal career. You’re busy taking care of the demanding tasks of organizing a case, chasing down transcripts, and scheduling important events to ensure the outcome your client deserves.  Finding the time in your busy day to stay current on news and legal insights is daunting.

You honestly just don’t have time.

So, we’re here to help you. Every month, we’ll compile some of our favorite articles to help guide you to be a better, more informed paralegal.

Read on.

Automated and Agile: The New Paradigm for Legal Service
Law firms had a monopoly on legal delivery when legal expertise was its sole element. Legal delivery now requires legal, technological and process expertise. It also requires capital and domain expertise. The days of undifferentiated, ‘big box’ law firms are over. Well capitalized, tech and process savvy service providers with domain expertise and agile, client-centric models will continue to expand their market imprint…

Reinventing Professionals: Where is the Legal Industry Headed in 2017?
Ari Kaplan talks to a panel of industry leaders in a virtual roundtable about where the legal industry is headed and advice for navigating prospective 2017 challenges. Teaser: all of them seem to agree technology is going to play some kind of role…

Five Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Culture
It’s true that law firms have a unique culture, regardless of size. One reason is that the billable hour limits and even stifles collaboration. (Collaboration? It’s not something lawyers are taught to think about.) But the hierarchies and structures built into the law firm model can be managed in a way that creates a positive work environment and organizational culture…

Law Prose #270: A Refresher on Appositives
When writing transcripts or any such legal documents, it is extremely important to double, even triple-check your grammar throughout. Now, who remembers appositives? An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that further describes or identifies another noun or noun phrase that immediately precedes it…

Making the Right Career Move
Imagine that you have an opportunity to move into one of a number of open positions in your organization. Perhaps you are offered two different positions and you have to decide which one you want. So how do you choose the right one for you?

Lawyerist’s Most Popular Podcasts of 2016
Podcasts are the new way to listen to news and get your industry insights delivered right to you. The Lawyerist’s second year of podcasts were full of great content, but here’s the top 10 most downloaded podcasts in 2016 you just can’t miss…