Paralegal News: Referral Madness & Blockchains

Every month, every week, even every day new content surfaces with helpful tips and tricks to support growth in your paralegal career. You’re busy taking care of the demanding tasks of organizing a case, chasing down transcripts, and scheduling important events to ensure the outcome your client deserves.  Finding the time in your busy day to stay current on news and legal insights is daunting.

You honestly just don’t have time.

So, we’re here to help you. Every month, we’ll compile some of our favorite articles to help guide you to be a better, more informed paralegal.

Read on.

Referral Madness! Stay on Top of Staying in Touch

This is something old-school lawyers say a lot: “Your best sources of referrals are your existing clients.” And, for word-of-mouth, referral-based law firms, it’s probably true that referrals from other lawyers or from existing clients are 1-2. Great article, Jared Correia.

Style Guides: Maintaining a Healthy Relationship Between Creator and Content

Most of us have a generally good grasp of English usage and punctuation. The problem is that some usage and punctuation errors are so subtle and pervasive that we are tricked into thinking they are correct. Thanks for your thoughts, Susan Kostal.

Auto-Filing Email: 5 Productivity Tips

Dealing with each message in the order it was received in your inbox can lead to context switching — a major drag on productivity. The time spent doing triage can instead be used to handle business email.

To minimize email triage time, build these five email habits. Helpful tips, Luigi Benetton.

Buying Technology: A Different Look at Cost-Benefit Analysis

Plenty of advice is out there about implementing a virtual law practice or practice management system to avoid malpractice, improve client experience, and optimize firm performance. However, the cost-benefit calculations associated with that advice typically assumes the purchased software is fully implemented, so they don’t account for cost of change or the value of process improvement. Great insights, Mary Juetten.

Five Things to Ask Before You Say Yes to a Speaking Gig

Most professionals have a complicated relationship with public speaking — particularly if it is a good business development opportunity. Thanks for the article, Merrilyn Astin Tarlton.

Understanding Blockchains

Blockchains — a sort of digital ledger best known for powering the bitcoin digital currency — have been getting a lot of attention from lawyers for their potential to change how people transact. Thanks for your insights, Ben Whetsell.