Paralegal News: Threat Modeling & Class Sizes

Every month, every week, even every day new content surfaces with helpful tips and tricks to support growth in your paralegal career. You’re busy taking care of the demanding tasks of organizing a case, chasing down transcripts, and scheduling important events to ensure the outcome your client deserves.  Finding the time in your busy day to stay current on news and legal insights is daunting.

You honestly just don’t have time.

So, we’re here to help you. Every month, we’ll compile some of our favorite articles to help guide you to be a better, more informed paralegal.

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The Motion to Compel: Think Tactically & Keep it Simple

If you practice commercial litigation, it’s likely that one of the first motions you’ll argue is a motion to compel. Knowing how to effectively bring and defend a motion to compel is important because civil litigation can turn on which party bests its opponent in discovery disputes. So how can lawyers successfully handle motions to compel? It’s easy—think tactically and keep it simple. Thanks for your thoughts, Matthew Salzwedel

Threat Modeling for Lawyers

Clients trust their lawyers with secrets. Depending on what kind of law you practice, those client confidences may be benign. Or they may be your clients’ darkest secrets that could land them in jail. Great insight, Ansel Halliburton

As class sizes shrank, the number of ABA-accredited law schools remained mostly flat

For nearly 40 years starting in 1971, law schools had an average first-year class size of 246 students, peaking to 262 in 2010. Since then, that average has dropped 31 percent to an average of 182 students. Thanks, Stephanie Francis Ward

Four Reasons Billing by the Hour is a Competitive Disadvantage

Clients expect much more than a resolution to their legal problems. They expect gold-class service and value. Unfortunately, the billable hour model is handicapping your ability to do this for the following four reasons… Great article, Christian Denmon

How Being Happy Is Contagious (and Why You’ll Live Longer)

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the attitudes people bring to work every day and how a positive or negative attitude affects how others perform their jobs — including how they serve their clients. Great article, Daniel Gold

The Evolution of Law Practice Management Software Design

Good design is critical. It makes things both easier and more pleasant to use. Law firm websites and law practice management software haven’t exactly been paragons of great design and user experience, but that’s changing. Thanks for your insight, Lisa Needham