TRX VoiceCopy™

The new TRX Recording Agent™ (RA) deposition service was introduced in the previous blog. However, the most exciting and key element to the RA service is that, in addition to the audio, litigants have access to AI-generated TRX VoiceCopy™ of the spoken words in the deposition recording.

The text is synced to the audio and scrolls with the audio during playback. And selecting the text at different points will jump the audio playback to those points, and moving the audio playback control will jump the text to those points. Speaker IDs are also included and the text is fully searchable, and litigants can add their own annotations which are synced to both the text and audio. And multiple members of a litigation team can collaborate during review.

TRX has performed extensive development and testing to make it’s AI speech-to-text technology superior in the area of multi-speaker recording. Also fundamental to the RA service, TRX understands the absolute need of having an experienced professional in the room who can insure that recording procedures and participant behaviors are followed to further insure a quality recording to maximize the accuracy of the speech-to-text recognition.

Now, for the first time litigators can have both audio and text available to them purposed for review in rapid turnaround. Having the ability to perform a full deposition review and generate a comprehensive deposition summary using these resources gives litigators the ability to determine their go/no-go litigation strategy much quicker while reducing the number of certified transcripts they might otherwise order, resulting in literally thousands of dollars saved.

Check out a brief video of the TRX Recording Agent service and VoiceCopy™ HERE.